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NumaxNumax Leisure Battery Charger 12V 10A

Numax Leisure Battery Charger 12V 10A

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Technical Specification

Length170 mm
Width100 mm
Height inc. terms47 mm
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Numax Leisure Battery Charger 12V 10A

A true fit and forget charger. I bought the Numax as a replacement for a much cheaper version that had a noisy fan that ran all the time and, which because of this the fan motor burnt out after only a year! The Numax is quiet and the fan only runs under high load situations. I bought this charger because it is fit and forget....I live in an 18 foot touring caravan (overnight security at an old building) so am permanently on mains but the van is still 12v, so the Numax is acting as a transformer as well as keeping the battery charged. Obviously it has only been in a month and time will tell if continues to perform as well as it has so far.


PD, Norwich,

Star Rating

Numax Leisure Battery Charger 12V 10A

Difficult to star-rate as cannot compare it with anything else. But it is doing its job perfectly and give it 5 star simply because I get the impression that you trade in good quality stuff


md, Alva,

Star Rating

Numax Leisure Battery Charger 12V 10A

Very good charger easy to fit and use highly recommended


JP, Northumberland,

Star Rating
Numax Leisure Battery Charger 12V 10A

Numax Leisure Battery Charger 12V 10A

4.9 / 5.0 146


Numax "Connect and Forget" Leisure Battery Charger

Voltage: 12V

Output: 10A


This automatic charger is easy to use and hassle free. Just connect the battery to the charger using the connections provided, and turn it on.

The Charger will check the state of the battery and employ the correct charging regime accordingly.

This charger is specially designed to bulk charge as well as float charge, making it one of the leading chargers in today's Leisure market.

Once the battery has been charged it will be maintained by the charger, making sure it's in peak condition when you need it to be.

Using this type of charger will prolong the life of your battery, saving you time and money in the future.

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QIs this suitable for gel leisure batteries?

AYes, this charger is suitable for gel batteries.