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Car Batteries

Car Batteries are our speciality. We have the largest car battery range in the UK from top brands such as Varta Car Batteries, Exide Car Batteries, Yuasa Car Batteries and Numax Car Batteries. Our prices are checked daily so you can be certain that you are buying a high quality car battery online which is also a cheap maintenance free car battery.

Car Battery Information

Having such a wide range we have a car battery for all budgets from our cheaper car batteries to our Varta AGM car batteries which are so good that Bentley and Rolls Royce fit them from the factory. We have car batteries with warranties up to 5 years in length. Next day delivery is available on all car batteries until 4pm.

If you are unsure of which car battery that you require, check our car battery fitment guide above for a pointer, our use our unique car battery wizard. Simply enter details of your current battery to find a suitable replacement.

The car battery is the heart of your vehicle's electronics system. With an underperforming battery or a poor quality product fitted your car will never perform how the manufacturer intended.

We recommend fitting the highest quality car battery that your budget will stretch to to get the ultimate performance from your car over the longest period possible. The old adage 'Buy Cheap, Buy Twice' certainly holds true in the car battery world. We test each battery that we stock and for each size we recommend a 'Star Buy' check underneath your chosen battery for the 'Star Buy' product.

Car Battery Technology

Car battery technology has progressed rapidly over recent years with developments such as calcium technology becoming widespread, effectively enabling all car batteries to now be maintenance free.

Flooded Lead Acid Car Batteries

If you think of a traditional wet car battery which must be kept upright to avoid spillage, you're thinking of a flooded lead acid battery. This is a plastic case filled with sulphuric acid and featuring six lead plates, each of which produces around 2 volts of power. The six plates are combined to give an output of 12 Volts. As flooded cell batteries are charged by the car's alternator gas is produced along with evaporation so traditionally you have had to monitor the levels of electrolyte, topping up with distilled water when required. Developments such as calcium technology have led to far less gassing and hence less evaporation meaning modern batteries are maintenance free.

Flooded cell batteries are an extremely simple concept so are cheap to produce, meaning they are our cheapest car batteries. See our Numax Car Batteries for cheap flooded acid car batteries.

AGM Car Batteries

AGM is a newer technology of car battery which is similar in principle to flooded cell batteries, but with a vital difference. AGM Car Batteries hold the electrolyte in a fibreglass matt within the battery. This construction method makes AGM batteries non-spillable so they are completely safe to handle. Safety is only one benefit; another benefit is increased cycle life meaning AGM batteries can withstand three of four times as many charge-discharge cycles as flooded lead acid batteries. Another benefit is increased starting power; AGM batteries have higher CCA (cold cranking amps) figures so have higher starting power compared to lead acid batteries. The only downside to AGM batteries is that due to their high quality construction they can be more expensive.

Car Battery Brands

Numax Car Batteries

Numax produce a large array of flooded cell Numax car batteries of every size fitting almost every car imaginable. All Numax car batteries carry a 3 year warranty so you can have complete peace of mind that your new battery is built to last.

Varta Car Batteries

Varta are part of Johnson Controls Inc. and are the world's largest producer of batteries. When handling any Varta Car Battery the quality shines through; the German engineering is clearly evident. Each is clearly well designed and built, even the cheapest Varta Black Dynamic battery.

Varta have several ranges with different warranty levels. All Varta Black Dynamic car batteries have a three year warranty, all Varta Blue Dynamic Car Batteries have a four year warranty and all Varta Silver Dynamic Car Batteries have a 5 year warranty. Varta AGM Car Batteries have a four year warranty

Exide Car Batteries

Exide Car batteries have an excellent reputation as extremely well reliable car batteries. Again, being german Exide batteries are very well built. Exide Xtra Plus car battery range has a four year warranty and the Exide Excell Car Battery range has a three year warranty.

How to Choose a Car Battery

The first port of call is to look at the battery currently fitted. You may be lucky enough that the battery has a UK part number clearly marked on the label. If so, this will be a 3 digit code such as '063'. Simply browse our website for the relevant battery.

In many cases there won't be a part number clearly marked. If not, simply use our car battery fitment guide above to obtain a suggestion for a potential correct battery. Then check the dimensions, terminal type and polarity against the battery currently fitted to the vehicle to confirm suitability.

If the suggested battery doesn't look correct, simply Contact Us for assistance.