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Westco Batteries



Country of Manufacture
Varies; USA, Vietnam, Taiwan

Westco is a high quality brand of powersports battery for Motorcycle, Jetski and ATV.

Westco batteries are manufactured and distributed by MK Battery, one of the largest battery companies in the US. It is a hugely popular brand in the US and is fast gaining momentum in the UK.

Westco Motorcycle Batteries

Westco Bike Battery

Westco motorbike batteries are sealed maintenance-free, AGM batteries. They are filled and activated in the factory, so you are saved the hassle before fitting. The Westco range is usually higher-powered and covers a battery for almost all motorcycles.

Westco Bike Batteries

Westco Platinum Bike Batteries

Westco Platinum Bike Battery

Westco Platinum batteries are a new range of higher-powered batteries. They replace the SVR battery range with identical specification and sizes. The Westco Platinum branding was a commercial move to refresh the brand and bring it into line with distribution in the UK. The Westco Platinum range is built to Harley Davidson specification, giving them high cranking power and tough, vibration proof construction.

Westco Platinum Bike Batteries

Westco Car Batteries

Westco MX-5 Car Battery

Westco only make one battery for use in cars. Specifically, the battery is the Westco 12V31M. It is solely used for Mazda MX5 models which have a low height battery, fitted in the boot.

Westco MX-5 Car Battery