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Warranty Procedure

First steps

In the unlikely event that you experience an issue with a battery purchased from Tayna Batteries, please make sure you have first checked the following:

  • • Recharged the battery using a correctly calibrated battery charger.
  • • Checked that the cause of the problem is not external to the battery.
  • • Read our advice on battery care and maintenance.

Once the battery has been fully charged this may well solve the issue. Please note that a battery discharged below 10.5v may not accept a charge from a number of standard battery chargers – This is not a fault with the battery itself. If after fully charging the battery, the battery still appears to not be performing correctly, read our warranty conditions and complete the Warranty Claim Form. Once this is done, there are two options to test your battery to help us determine the cause for battery failure and if the battery is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty*.

1. Battery test by Tayna Batteries

The most effective way to claim under warranty is to return the battery to us. We have been testing batteries for almost two decades and have all required modern testing equipment. You can either return the battery to us via tracked delivery or arrange for us to collect the item from you.

Should you wish to take advantage of this option, we ask that you pay a £20 refundable deposit (more on this below). Once paid, we will dispatch a returns kit to you via royal mail if needed and book our courier to collect from you on a business day of your choosing.

Once back, our returns team will get to work on charging and testing your battery and will advise you of the outcome in the shortest possible time frame.

Once tested:

If the battery is covered under warranty, we will issue you with a brand new replacement and within 5 working days will refund the £20 deposit in full. No other refund, credit or exchange will be accepted within the warranty framework. The £20 covers the cost of a parcel collection only. Please contact us to discuss the deposit for palletised goods.

If the battery is not faulty, or does not have a fault covered by the warranty, we will use the deposit paid to cover the collection and return cost, and will return the battery back to you. We will always notify you of this, and will arrange a suitable time and date to return the item.

Please note that Tayna offers a free test solution and therefore will not refund external test report costs.

2. External test report

Should you wish to have your battery tested locally you are free to do so. We would ask that you contact us and upload the resulting document to us through our messaging system. Please note that the test must be done with a calibrated conductance tester. This must show voltage, battery type and CCA produced when tested, as well as the CCA measurement used (EN, DIN etc).

Written reports or replacement invoices are not accepted as valid proof. The battery when tested must be showing 12.6v or above, as any test done on a battery that is not fully charged is invalid and will not be accepted.

If the test is correct and validated by our technical department, a return slip will be sent by email and must be affixed to the correctly packaged battery. We will then book a collection for the items return, and once back we will issue you with a brand new replacement. No other refund, credit or exchange will be accepted within the warranty framework.

Please note that the above is only available for automotive batteries. All leisure/cyclic batteries must be tested by our testing team - no test report will be accepted.

For any warranty request, please contact us selecting the warranty option, or by contacting us directly on 01745 823399. Our team will be happy to send you our warranty procedure. If you think you have more than one defective battery, please first contact our technical team by phone at the number above.