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Super B Lithium Batteries


Super B Lithium Batteries


Country of Manufacture

Super B are a relatively new battery company, specialising in Lithium battery technology for multiple applications.

The first Super B Battery was developed by M.H Doornekamp of Gybe Engineering. Since 2010 Gybe Engineering changed to Super B and is now fully dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of their Lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are also known as Lithium Ion, Lithium Iron Phosphate and LiFePO4.

Super B Car Batteries

Super B Lithium Car Batteries

Super B Lithium Car Batteries are a leading brand in Lithium car battery technology. They are growing in popularity, especially in the racing industry, where their light weight can give racers the competitive edge.

Super B Lithium Car Batteries

Super B Bike Batteries

Super B Lithium Motorcycle Batteries

Every racing biker knows that the lighter your bike, the faster you'll become. Fitting a Super-B Lithium battery will shave kilos from your bike's weight, helping you achieve the ultimate speed.

Super B Lithium Bike Batteries