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Engine Consumables & Fuel Products

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Holts Bradex Easy Start 300ml BES1A

Holts Bradex Easy Start helps cold start all engines, petrol, diesel and paraffin.

It will even work in arctic conditions thanks to it's upper cylinder lubrication.

£ 3.99 inc. VAT

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SilverBack SBX20 Carburettor Cleaner 500ml

SBX20 Carburettor Cleaner is a strong solvent that quickly and effectively removes dirt and other deposits from the carburettor.

It's powerful jet spray allows it to clean the intake system with out the need for disassembly. It is also suitable to use on throttle valves & choke.

£ 3.99 inc. VAT

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SilverBack SBX40 Multi Purpose Maintenance Spray 500ml

SBX40 Maintenance Spray is an oil based multi purpose spray that has a number of uses including:-

  • Protecting teflon surfaces

  • Lubricating and cleaning moving parts

  • Protection against corrosion

  • Perfect for use on chains, cables, sprockets and gears.

£ 4.49 inc. VAT

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SilverBack SBX50 Chain Lubricant 500ml

SBX50 Chain Lubricant is a long lasting formula that has a high PTFE content which helps reduce drag and gives a higher lubricity.

It provides improved load resistance due to it's anti-wear additives and it also contains anti-corrosion properties.

£ 6.99 inc. VAT

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SilverBack SBX60 Brake Cleaner 600ml

SBX60 Brake Cleaner is the perfect for dissolving tough dirt and grease as well as removing lining dusts from the brakes. It also gets rid of brake squeal and is very fast-acting.

£ 4.99 inc. VAT

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