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Golf Trolley Batteries

We stock a wide variety of MK, Lucas, Sonnenschein, Trojan and Yuasa batteries to fit most Golf Trolleys at low prices. These are all high quality batteries to fit makes such as Hillbilly Golf Trolleys and PowaKaddy.

We ensure excellent quality batteries are delivered to you for your golf trolleys at unbelievably cheap prices. Some of the batteries that we supply include:

  • MK Gel/Sealed Lead-acid Batteries
  • Sonnenschein Dryfit A500 Battery Series
  • Yuasa Valve Regulated, Maintenance-Free Batteries

These are all excellent quality batteries, each with their own good points making all of them perfect for your Golf Trolley.

The game of golf is enjoyed all over the world and has been enjoyed for centuries, by keen enthusiasts and recreational players alike. The older game of golf was played with the golfer carrying their bag around 18 holes. This made the game difficult for less physically able players. Nowadays the game can be played by almost anyone, with powered golf trolleys and powered golf carts and buggies, to take you and your clubs around the course.

Electrically powered golf vehicles use either golf trolley batteries, golf buggy batteries or golf cart batteries. Golf batteries come in many different sizes, power ratings and technologies. Lead acid batteries are the standard battery type used. However Lithium golf batteries are becoming increasingly popular due to their light weight.