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Optima Batteries

Optima Batteries


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Optima Batteries are manufacturers of best-in-class SpiralCell AGM batteries for automotive, leisure and marine applications.

Originating in Sweden in 1972, Optima Batteries was acquired by Johnson Controls Inc. in 2000.

Optima invented the Spiralcell technology which has huge benefits such as class-leading vibration resistance increased cycle life.

OPtima Battery Range

View All Optima Car BatteriesOptima Car Batteries

Ever noticed those brightly coloured batteries that they fit to the 'pimped' vehicles on 'Pimp My Ride'? Those are Optima Batteries, and there's a reason they choose Optima. Producing starting power and deep cycling ability like no other, Optima are the default choice for a demanding application.

Optima Red Top Car Batteries

  • The ultimate AGM starting battery
  • Designed to deliver the strongest five-second burst of ignition power

Optima Red Top Car Batteries

Optima Yellow Top Car Batteries

  • A true dual purpose AGM automotive battery
  • Premium cranking power AND unparalleled cycling capability

Optima Yellow Top Car Batteries

Optima Leisure Batteries

Optima Yellow Top Leisure Batteries

The Yellow Tops are ideal for most leisure applications due to their dual purpose abilities.

Optima Leisure Batteries

Optima Marine Batteries

Optima Blue Top Marine Batteries

Optima Blue Tops have various modifications over the yellow top specification such as stainless steel posts.

Optima Marine Batteries

About Optima Batteries

Optima Batteries have an easily decoded UK part number system. All part numbers have three letters and a floating point number.

The first two letters signify the range:

  • RT - Red Top
  • YT - Yellow Top
  • BT - Blue Top

The following letter signifies the terminal type:

  • An 'S' signifies standard SAE round posts in the standard orientation (positive left).
  • An 'R' designates standard SAE posts, but reversed layout (positive right).
  • A 'C' dictates that the terminals are SAE but down the centre line of the battery.
  • A 'U' signifies that it has universal terminals: both standard and side screw-in terminals (common on USA cars).

The floating post (decimal) number after the three letters indicates the volume of the battery in litres. Common sizes are 3.7, 4.2 and 5.5. The higher this number, the larger the battery an the associated power ratings.

Why Optima?

Optima Batteries are specialist AGM batteries designed for use in extreme conditions. They have a unique patented Spiralcell technology that leads to an unusual cylindrical shape of the individual cells. The part numbers reflect the cylindrical shape by being based around the litre volume of the batteries. E.g. The Optima 4.2 range are 4.2 litres in volume. Being AGM, all Optima batteries are completely spill proof and safe to handle.