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Exide Batteries


Exide Batteries



Country of Manufacture
Varies; Europe and Asia

Year Founded

Exide are one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world. They produce batteries for the automotive, industrial and retail markets. Since its inception in 1888 as 'Electric Storage Battery Company', Exide has expanded from America; to have factories and distribution centres all over the globe.

The name Exide came from the words Excellent Oxide in 1900. It was used to name a brand new higher capacity, lower weight battery at the time.

Over the years, Exide has grown and developed in numerous ways. More recently in 2000, Exide acquired GNB Technologies. It uses this name for the Industrial section of the company, in the UK market.

View All Exide Car BatteriesExide Car Batteries

Exide car batteries have always been one of the best-known car battery brands in the UK. With an excellent historical reputation, Exide car batteries will be known by generations. Exide Car Batteries are split into three ranges; 'Exide Premium' (known as the TE range), 'Exide Excell' (known as the SE range) and Micro-Hybrid.

Exide Automotive Batteries

Exide Excell Car Batteries

Known internally as the Exide 'SE' range as each part number is followed by an SE (e.g. 250SE), the Exide Excell range has a full three year guarantee as standard.

Exide Excell Car Batteries


Exide Premium Car Batteries

The 'TE' range - fully loaded with a 4 year comprehensive warranty. These batteries are of a higher specification that the Excell range and are higher than OEM specification.

Exide Premium Batteries


Exide Micro-Hybrid Car Batteries

Initially an exclusively AGM range, these batteries have been developed specifically for modern vehicle with demanding Stop & Start systems. A non-AGM, Enhanced Cycling Mat (ECM) version of the Micro-Hybrid battery has arrived which is for the less demanding Stop & Start vehicle.

Exide Micro Hybrid Batteries

View All Exide Leisure BatteriesExide Leisure Batteries

Exide leisure batteries are produced in all three lead acid types; wet, AGM and gel, so there's a battery for all budgets!

Exide Wet (Flooded) Leisure Batteries

This range comprises of two classic sized leisure batteries; the 75Ah ER350 and the 155Ah ER550.

Exide Wet Leisure Batteries


Exide Dual AGM Leisure Batteries

The Exide Dual range is designed to be a dual purpose leisure battery providing deep cycling capability with engine start capability. These batteries are available in various sizes with features such as dual terminals.

Exide AGM Leisure Batteries


Exide Gel Leisure Batteries

The default choice for the demanding motorhome or caravan, the Exide Gel Leisure range is fitted to many Hymer motorhomes from the factory. The Exide ES900/G80 is a popular choice for these applications.

Exide Gel Leisure Batteries

Exide Leisure Batteries

Exide Marine Batteries

Exide Marine Batteries

Exide Gel and AGM Leisure Batteries are ideally suited to Marine applications too. Marine Batteries are essentially leisure batteries as marine crafts have many of the same traits as leisure vehicles such as caravans and motorhomes.

Exide Marine Batteries

Exide Motorcycle Batteries

Exide Gel Motorcycle Batteries

Exide produce a range of gel motorcycle batteries that are of such high quality that BMW choose to fit them from the factory!

The highlight of the range is the ever popular Exide GEL12-19 which is kept in stock and available with next day delivery.

Exide Bike Batteries

Exide Gel Bike Batteries

Exide Commercial Vehicle / Truck Batteries

Exide Commercial Vehicle Batteries

Exide HDX Commercial Batteries

Batteries for plant, tractors, JCBs, trucks and other heavy machinery must be reliable as we depend on them to earn a living. Exide produce a range of high quality commercial batteries designed to provide many years of use to keep your vehicle running.

Where you may pay slightly more for the quality Exide product, you can be sure that many years of expertise has gone into making the battery a great product that will last for many years.

Exide Truck Batteries