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Jetski Batteries

Jet Ski Batteries

Modern jet skis have greater electronic demand than previous models that strengthens the need for a quality battery. Battery manufacturers have recognised the need for more powerful batteries for personal watercraft and in response have produced some great batteries such as the Westco personal watercraft battery.

We stock all major brands of Jetski battery; Varta, Westco and the amazing Odyssey range. Varta, being the worlds' leading mass producer of batteries brings affordability to the fore. These are great lead acid batteries that are supplied dry. You simply add acid to activate.

Jetski Batteries

Westco jetski batteries are totally sealed and leakproof and can be mounted in any orientation. These are slightly more expensive than the Varta equivalent, but are safer due to the absence of acid and are easier to transport and store.

Odyssey batteries are the 'best of the best'. Uniquely, these have high cranking ability as well as deep cycling ability. Like the Westco, they are leakproof and can be mounted in any orientation.