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Varta Batteries


Varta Batteries


Country of Manufacture

Year Founded

Varta are a manufacturer of lead acid batteries based in Ellwangen, Germany. Being one of the world's oldest manufacturers of lead acid batteries, the company was founded in 1887 and famously supplied the Luftwaffe with batteries for submarines during World War II.

Since 2002, Varta has been owned by Johnson Controls Inc. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Under their ownership they have grown to the point that they are now the largest manufacturer of lead acid batteries in the world.

View All Varta Car BatteriesVarta Car Batteries

Varta produce three levels of standard car battery; scaling up in specification. Many sizes of battery such as the 096 are available across all three ranges but not all sizes are. There is an ever increasing range of Varta AGM Car Batteries.

Varta Black Dynamic

The base range is the Varta Black Dynamic which is a starter range and has a specification lower than the OEM specification. The Varta Black Dynamic range has a three year warranty.

Varta Black Dynamic Car Batteries

Varta Blue Dynamic

The mid-range is the Varta Blue Dynamic and this matches the OEM specification as closely as possible. The Varta Blue Dynamic range has a four year warranty for extra protection.

Varta Blue Dynamic Car Batteries

Varta Silver Dynamic

The top-of-the-range battery is the Varta Silver Dynamic and this exceeds the OEM specification, by some margin. The Varta Silver Dynamic range has a five year warranty.

Varta Silver Dynamic Car Batteries

Varta Start-Stop Car Batteries

Varta are leading the way in Start-Stop battery technology. With two ranges; the EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) Start-Stop range and AGM Start-Stop Plus range.

Varta Start Stop Batteries

  • Designed for vehicles with entry level Start Stop functionality
  • Cold Cranking Power of 115% compared to standard flooded batteries
  • Twice the cyclic endurance of traditional flooded cells

Varta Start Stop Plus

  • Designed especially for vehicles with demanding Start Stop functionality
  • Cold Cranking Power of 135% compared to standard flooded batteries
  • Three times the cyclic endurance of traditional flooded cells

Varta Start Stop Car Batteries

Varta Leisure Batteries

The VARTA Professional range is purpose built to power marine craft such as electric boats, yachts and motorboats, plus all kinds of caravans and motorhomes. So you get reassuringly dependable power for both essentials like interior lighting and fridges, and little luxuries such as satellite TV. For golf carts and similar applications, choose the VARTA Professional Deep Cycle battery for exceptional performance and reliability.

Varta Leisure Battery

Varta Leisure Battery Range

With the brand name backing of Varta - the world's largest manufacturer of batteries - you can be certain you're purchasing a high quality battery.

Varta refresh their battery ranges regularly. Previously known as the Varta Hobby range, the Varta Professional range comprises of both wet batteries and Varta AGM leisure batteries.

Varta Leisure Batteries

View All Varta Bike BatteriesVarta Motorcycle Batteries

Varta produce a good, extensive range of motorcycle batteries. Each Varta motorcycle battery is manufactured under strict, quality controls to ensure a professional and well made product. Varta have split their motorcycle batteries into two distinct ranges; Powersports Freshpack motorcycle batteries and Powersports AGM motorcycle batteries. The term Powersports is used as this type of motorcycle battery can also be used for quad bikes, ATVs, UTVs, scooters, jet skis, mowers and snowmobiles.

Varta Motorcycle Battery

Varta AGM Motorcycle Battery

Varta Powersports Freshpack Motorcycle Batteries

Varta Powersports Freshpack Motorcycle Batteries are delivered to the customer dry-charged, with a separate acid pack. Once the motorcycle battery is filled it can be put to use. As this is a wet motorcycle battery range, the electrolyte levels can be maintained during the service life.

Varta Powersports Bike Batteries




Varta Powersports AGM Motorcycle Batteries

Varta Powersports AGM Motorcycle Batteries are delivered to the customer with an acid pack. During the manufacturing process, the AGM motorcycle batteries are dry-charged. Once the electrolyte is added, it is Absorbed into the battery's Glass Mat. Hence the acronym: AGM. Because it absorbs in this way, the battery cannot leak or lose electrolyte, and is therefore classed as Maintenance-Free.

Varta Powersports AGM Bike Batteries


Varta motorcycle batteries are commonly used as Varta jet ski batteries too.

Varta Commercial Vehicle Batteries

Varta Commercial Battery

Varta Commercial Vehicle Batteries

Being the largest lead acid battery manufacturer in the world, Varta know a thing or two about producing this type of battery.

This experience shines through in the quality of these batteries.

Varta's commercial batteries can be used as truck batteries, bus batteries, coach batteries, lorry batteries, tractor batteries, JCB batteries, Caterpillar batteries and more!

Varta Commercial Vehicle Batteries