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Odyssey Batteries




Country of Manufacture

Odyssey batteries are a high performance brand of starter and deep cycle batteries. The brand is manufactured and distributed by Enersys, the largest industrial battery manufacturer in the world. All Odyssey batteries are Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) type batteries, and are manufactured using extremely pure lead. The Odyssey battery's high performance comes from a combination of the pure lead and the extremely thin plates inside the battery. Thinner plates means more can be fitted into each battery. This gives the Odyssey battery range over 2000 Amps and an ability to cycle 400 times at 80% depth of discharge (DOD).

Odyssey Motorcycle Batteries

Odyssey Motorcycle Battery

Odyssey Batteries are ideal for use in motorcycles. Their higher cranking power gives the Odyssey range increased performance. Odyssey motorbike batteries can also be mounted flexibly and are completely maintenance free.

Odyssey Motorcycle Batteries

Other Odyssey Battery Applications

Odyssey Car Battery

Odyssey Batteries are so versatile that they can be used for many applications as below.

Odyssey Car Batteries

Odyssey Industrial Batteries