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Forklift Batteries

Forklift Batteries

High Quality Forklift Batteries

Electric forklift trucks / FLT are in many cases the ultimate type of forklift. Traditionally, replacement battery packs for FLT trucks can be expensive, but we've partnered with some of the best industrial battery companies in the UK to bring you lower prices.
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Forklift Batteries
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Forklift Batteries

Electric forklift trucks FLTs are in many cases the ultimate type of forklift. There are no polluting fumes that can be a hazard to both your staff and the environment and they are near silent in use. You’re also not reliant on ordering gas for your gas forklift or diesel for your diesel forklift truck – just plug into the mains and you’re away!

Traditionally, the major drawback of electric forklift FLT trucks is that the battery pack has a finite lifespan. When the battery pack begins to age, you tend to have to top up the cells more often with high purity distilled water and you get less work time between charges. This can be critical in situations where you require a driver to be using the forklift for the duration of their shift.

Tayna Batteries have built relationships with some of the best industrial battery suppliers in the UK who are able to both supply and fit new batteries into your electric fork truck to bring back the original performance.

Our forklift battery design team can even fabricate a new container for your cells and if required where the weight of your battery pack is less than your current battery pack (due to technology innovations or fitting a lower capacity battery pack) we can supply and install ballast.

The lead time from the point of order to delivery of your FLT batteries and/or fitting of your batteries to your fork truck is usually around two to three weeks, but in many cases it is sooner than this.

To enquire about pricing and availability, please contact us with details of your requirement.