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Yuasa Car Batteries

Yuasa automotive batteries are regarded by many people as being the world's best car batteries. From their Japanese roots starting in 1909, Yuasa have grown to become one of the largest and most well-known battery brands on the planet.

Now officially known as the GS Yuasa Corporation, Yuasa have been supplying high quality car batteries in the UK for many years.

Yuasa Car Batteries are available across several distinct ranges with differing warranties, specs and technologies:

  • YBX1000 - 3 Year Warranty, a little below OEM spec
  • YBX3000 - 4 Year Warranty - Approximately to OEM spec
  • YBX5000 - 5 Year Warranty - Over and above OEM spec
  • YBX7000 EFB - 5 Year Warranty - Over and above OEM spec, with EFB Technology
  • YBX9000 AGM - 5 Year Warranty - Over and above OEM spec, with AGM Technology

Yuasa also classify their car batteries into the technology types used;

  • Wet (Maintenance Free) - The classic type of car battery; these are ABS plastic cased batteries with lead plates and liquid elctrolyte around them.
  • AGM - Yuasa AGM Car Batteries are a heavier duty battery where the electrolyte is suspended with a glass matt material separator between the plates. AGM batteries are traditionally used in higher end vehicles, but have recently been adpoted for many Start-Stop vehicles.
  • EFB - Yuasa EFB Car Batteries are a middle ground between wet and AGM batteries. EFB stands for 'Enhanced Flooded Battery' and are very heavy duty wet batteries that attempt to bring the benefits of AGM batteries but without the higher cost.


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