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UPS Batteries

The UPS is your failsafe in your data centre should the power fail. When power fails, whether for a short blip or for longer it can have disastrous results unless your employ a system such as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). It is imperative to keep your UPS batteries in tip top condition, which is where we can assist.

What are UPS Batteries?

The UPS is effectively a bank of 12V batteries that through the use of an inverter are converted to a 240V power source. Your computer equipment is connected to the mains through the battery bank, which is constantly kept at peak charge through the mains source. Should the mains power fail, the battery bank becomes the power supply. The ideal scenario would be for the battery power to last until the mains power is returned, but should the battery power deplete before this time, most UPS systems will safely shut down the computer equipment without any data loss.

UPS Benefits

Another benefit of connecting your delicate computer equipment through a UPS is that in most systems any power surges or power spikes are smoothed to the point that they never reach your computer systems.

UPS Batteries

You may simply have a tiny UPS that supports your desktop personal computer, or you may have a huge data centre that has banks and banks of UPS circuits. Either way, we can supply batteries for your UPS system.