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Exide Marine Batteries

Exide's Multifit and marine range are among the highest quality batteries on the market. They are split into 3 ranges;

  • Exide Start: Start Batteries are designed to the start the engine of the boat by producing high starting power. They are also capable of powering some on board equipment.
  • Exide Equipment: The Equipment batteries are made to run electrical on equipment with that demand a lot of power. This includes safety equipment and navigation systems.
  • Exide Dual: Dual Batteries are designed to provide power to start the engine and deep cycling capabilities to power on board equipment.

All 3 ranges of Exide Multifit are extremely reliable and convenient. Being maintenance free and compact in size, these Exide batteries are very practical and hassle-free.


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EN900 Exide Start Marine Leisure Battery

Terminals on End, Positive LeftStandard
Customer RatingCustomer Rating
RangeExide Start
Voltage12 Volts
Capacity (C20)140 Ah
CCA (EN)800 A
Length513 mm
Width190 mm
Height inc. terms225 mm
Guarantee1 Year

£ 109.95 inc. VAT

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Exide EP450 DUAL AGM Battery

Positive Front LeftStandard
Customer RatingCustomer Rating
RangeExide Dual
Voltage12 Volts
Capacity (C20)50 Ah
CCA (EN)750 A
Length260 mm
Width173 mm
Height inc. terms206 mm
Guarantee2 Years

£ 125.99 inc. VAT

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