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Banner Batteries

Banner Batteries


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Banner Batteries is an Austrian battery manufacturing company formed in 1937 by Artur Bawart.

Banner's headquarters are in Linz, Austria and the company is now run by Artur's sons Norbert and Roland Bawart.

Banner Batteries had a turnover of EUR 225 million in 2010/11.

Banner Car Batteries

Banner produce a range of extremely high quality car batteries in both Wet and AGM types. The Banner AGM Batteries range is quite unique in their quality.

Banner Car Battery

Banner Batteries are high performers. All come with a 2 year warranty. Our biggest selling Banner battery by far is the OEM specification Banner Caterham Battery.

Banner Car Batteries

Banner Leisure Batteries

Banner Leisure Batteries are all wet batteries and most are open vented so that although you will probably never need to you can monitor the electrolyte levels, and top up as necessary.

Banner Leisure Battery

It is worth noting that Banner Leisure batteries have a proprietary vent hole and need special vent pipes. We can supply these on request.

Banner Leisure Batteries