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Caravan Batteries

Caravan Batteries

Caravan batteries are used to power the on board appliances within the caravan. During your stay in a caravan away from electric hook-up, the caravan battery will be powering your lights, TV, radio and other electrical appliances.

Caravan batteries come in a variety of sizes and specifications. The two most popular caravan batteries are the 85Ah caravan battery and 110Ah caravan battery.

The larger the Ah figure of a caravan battery, the higher it's capacity. The capacity (Ah) is a measure of how much electricity (charge) the caravan battery can store. The more charge the caravan battery can store, the longer it will last.

Another important property of caravan batteries is their dimensions or physical size. Many caravans have a dedicated battery compartment or cupboard. To fit into the caravan battery compartment, it mustn't be too large. The sensible thing to do is measure the maximum length, width and height of your caravan battery cupboard to help you choose the correct size.

Further Caravan battery properties to consider prior to purchase are terminal type and layout, caravan battery weight and recharge times. All caravan batteries we stock carry full warranties for your peace of mind.

Caravan Batteries

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