What Battery Do I Need?

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ICE (In Car Entertainment) Batteries

In Car Entertainment Batteries

Why an ICE Battery?

You've invested heavily in modifying your vehicle with a state of the art ICE system, which has all the Watts under the sun... and you're powering it with a budget battery?!

Most Car Batteries are designed primarily for starting the vehicle - powering the lighting and other auxiliary equipment comes secondary to the primary purpose of starting the lump under the bonnet.

By adding all of the amps, subs, playstations, TV and DVD screens and high powered head units you've massively increased the amount of auxiliary power required so the standard battery you're running is being squeezed hard. You'll often see an example of this when your interior lights dim when the bass kicks in.

Fitting a battery designed exactly for this purpose is the solution. It's best to fit this in a custom location (the boot or under a seat may work) so that your current starting battery continues to provide the starting capability and your ICE battery provides all of the power to keep the bass thumping.

Optima ICE Batteries

Optima Yellow Top ICE Batteries

The Yellow Tops are Optima's ideal ICE battery.

Optima ICE Batteries

Odyssey ICE Batteries

Odyssey ICE Batteries

Odyssey's pure lead batteries make great ICE batteries.

Odyssey ICE Batteries