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Lucas Batteries


Lucas Batteries


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Lucas Industries was a Birmingham based automotive and aerospace parts manufacturer formed in 1872. They merged with American Varity Corp. in 1996 to become LucasVarity plc.

The Lucas trademark is owned by TRW automotive and further sublicensed to battery manufacturers for a set period of manufacture. Numax currently hold the licence to produce batteries branded as Lucas.

View All Lucas Car BatteriesLucas Car Batteries

Lucas produce two distinct ranges of car battery - the Lucas Classic Car Battery and the Lucas Premium Car Battery.

Lucas Car Batteries

Lucas Classic Car Batteries

The Lucas Classic Range of batteries are an entry level battery with the prestigious Lucas brand name backing.

Lucas Classic Car Batteries

Lucas Premium Car Batteries

Lucas Premium car batteries are of the highest standard produced under the Lucas brand. The specification compared to the Lucas Classic is higher, with a better capacity and CCA figure.

Lucas Premium Car Batteries

View All Lucas Leisure BatteriesLucas Leisure Batteries

Lucas market two distinct ranges of leisure battery; the LL range and the higher specification LX range.

LL26MF Lucas Leisure Battery

LX31MF Lucas Leisure Battery

Lucas LL Leisure Battery Range

The LV Range of batteries is for occasional use applications such as camping, fishing and lightweight caravanning where you have a mains electric hookup. The Lucas LL range has a 2 year warranty.

Lucas LL Leisure Batteries

Lucas LX Leisure Battery Range

The XV range of batteries are the heavyweights in the Lucas leisure range. Featuring starting and deep cycling ability, these batteries have a comprehensive 3 year warranty.

Lucas LX Leisure Batteries

Lucas SLA and Mobility Batteries

Lucas produce a wide range of SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries. These are often referred to as mobility batteries, wheelchair batteries, golf batteries or burglar alarm batteries due to their vast usage in these areas.

Lucas Mobility Batteries

Lucas Mobility Batteries

SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) Batteries and AGM Batteries

Lucas produce a wide range of SLA batteries for many applications such as mobility and golf. SLA batteries are often referred to as VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) or AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries. Many people mistakenly call them gel batteries.

SLA batteries are unlike many lead acid batteries in that they are completely safe to handle and under normal circumstances will never leak acid. This is because the acid is suspended in a glass mat material around the lead plates within the battery, so even if the plastic battery case were broken the acid cannot leak out.

Wheelchair Batteries and Mobility Scooter Batteries

Many Lucas SLA batteries are targeted at the mobility market. This is because AGM batteries offer deep cycling ability so can be discharged and recharged many times before their life is over.

Common sizes of Mobility Batteries are:

  • 7Ah Mobility Battery
  • 12Ah Mobility Battery
  • 18-22Ah Mobility Battery
  • 26Ah Mobility Battery
  • 34Ah Mobility Battery
  • 42Ah Mobility Battery
  • 75Ah Mobility Battery
  • 85Ah Mobility Battery
  • 104Ah Mobility Battery

Lucas Mobility Batteries

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