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Sonnenschein Batteries

Sonnenschein Batteries


Country of Manufacture
includes Germany, Portugal and France

Year Founded

Sonnenschein was founded in Berlin in 1910 by Theodor Sonnenschein. Sonnenschein specialise in gel filled batteries; having patented the gel-cell type of valve-regulated lead-acid battery in 1957.

The Sonnenschein brand is owned by Exide, having been acquired in 1996.

Sonneschein Leisure Batteries

Sonnenschein Leisure Batteries

Several sizes of the Sonnenschein range are ideally suited to Leisure applications such as high end motorhomes and caravans.

These high quality gel batteries outperform their wet counterparts, and are extremely low gassing. Due to the low gassing nature of gel batteries they are more suited to locating within the cabin.

Sonnenschein Leisure Batteries

Sonneschein Marine Batteries

Sonnenschein Marine Batteries

Whilst out on the high seas you are at the mercy of your craft, it's engine and its systems. When your life potentially lies in the hands of the ability of your boat starting, you require a battery with ultimate reliability. These German made Sonnenschein gel marine batteries are the highest quality you can purchase.

Sonnenschein Marine Batteries

Other Sonneschein Battery Applications

Sonnenschein Solar Batteries