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Traffic Light Batteries

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Temporary Traffic Light Batteries

Temporary traffic lights work hard night and day whilst your team of contractors are working equally as hard to get their job done with as little traffic disruption as possible.

Reliability and longevity are absolute requirements to ensure that your traffic signal equipment are working effectively whilst your crew are not on-site. Imagine your traffic lights failing shortly after your team leave at 5PM on Friday, when they are not due to return until Monday morning. There could be traffic chaos and public safety could be put at risk. For this reason we recommend stretching your budget as far as possible.

Modern developments such as LED lighting have significatntly reduced the power consumned by traffiic light units, but modern wireless technology employed does eat up power more quickly than the traditional hard wired system.

Most modern traffic light susyems employ one or two Leisure Batteries. Take a look at the available batteries in this category and measure your battery box to confirm fitment.

There are various brand of temporary traffic light for which we can supply batteries:

  • LUX traffic light batteries
  • Amberon traffic light batteries
  • Any many, many more

VMS Batteries

Colour Mobile VMS units are becoming more and more popular as their potential is being realised and their cost is becoming ever more affordable.

Variable Message Signs (VMS) units generally use Sealed AGM 200Ah VMS batteries, in various bank sizes, although we suggest comparing the dimensions of your current batteries to confirm fitment.