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Yuasa are considered by many to be the worlds leading battery manufacturer, especially for motorcycles. Over 90% of new motorbikes leave the production line with a Yuasa battery fitted due to their long history of being highly reliable and giving riders strong power.

Yuasa have conventional lead acid batteries for standard bikes and also make a more premium MF range that require no maintenance and are totally spillproof. They are extremely long lasting batteries and contain lead-calcium technology to give even more starting power.

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Yuasa B39-6 Motorcycle Battery
One terminal Front, One Terminal Back on Diagonal
Customer RatingCustomer Rating
RangeYuasa YuMicron
Voltage6 Volts
Capacity7 Ah
Length129 mm
Width52 mm
Height inc. terms129 mm
Guarantee1 Year

£ 19.95 inc. VAT

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