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Buy Wheelchair Batteries

Wheelchair Batteries

Wheelchair Batteries

We sell various brands of wheelchair battery. Each of the differing brands of wheelchair battery has its advantages depending on what you are looking for from the battery; but the general rule is that the more you pay - the longer you can expect the battery to last.

Wheelchair Batteries

Yuasa Wheelchair Batteries

Yuasa are huge in this market - many people swear by their batteries and won't use any other brand as a replacement. Yuasa produce a wide range of wheelchair mobility batteries.

Numax Wheelchair Batteries

Newer to the market, we have the Numax Wheelchair Batteries. These batteries are suityable for the more price aware purchaser who still demands a high quality wheelchair battery. Again, Numax produce a whole range of mobilty batteries.

MK Gel / Sealed Lead-acid Wheelchair Battery Range

Electric Wheelchair

These MK Battery American deep cycle batteries are mid-range pricewise, but top-range when it comes to performance. These batteries are produced for the American market; American consumers demand high performance wheelchair batteries at a great price. These batteries fit the bill perfectly.

Sonnenschein Wheelchair Battery

Sonnenshein mobility batteries are high quality German products. The traditional A500 range that everybody knows has now been superseded by the GF range. These are the same batteries with the new up-to-date product codes as specified by Sonnenschein.

Our Customers Have Previously Fitted these wheelchair Batteries

Previous Customer's ModelBattery
Suzuki Wagon R+ Jubilee drive from wheelchair convention 1.3 VVT Petrol 55063
Fiat Doblo Wheelchair Accessible 1400 Petrol 2009027
Wheelchair Go something!12Ah
Not fitted to either wheelchair or scooter! Details to follow!!!!!12Ah
Not a wheelchair but a sound-sculpture: THE SHARPSICHORD26Ah
Invamed Wheelchair Sirocco34Ah
Wheelchair Mistral plus34Ah
Not a wheelchair or scooter - an Extra ea300 :)34Ah
sunrise medical wheelchair F4534Ah
Wheelchair Mistral plus34Ah
electric wheelchair34Ah
Phoenix wheelchair34Ah
freedom electric wheelchair34Ah
Roltec Powered Wheelchair. C4356Ah Round Post
NIPPI FLY 125cc(Wheelchair accessible) Paggio Fly 125cc 125 ST53 GEM.YB9-B
No name on wheelchair, all been covered up. Same as above.22Ah
TGA Wheelchair Powerpack Duo22Ah