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CTEK Charger Comfort Indicator Panel with LEDs and M8 Eyelets 56-382

Suitable for all CTEK chargers with comfort connect, this unit will give you an indication of the current state of charge of your battery.

Featuring 8mm eyelets for connection to your battery and a comfort connection the other end of the 55cm lead, the unit lights red when the state of charge is below 40%, amber when below 90% and green if over 90% charged.

Compatible with:
XS 0.8, MXS 3.6, MXS 7.0, MXS 10, M45 and M100

WAS £ 10.99 inc. VAT

£ 4.99 inc. VAT

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CTEK Cigarette Lighter Lead

CTEK CIGLEAD General Information

Allows the battery to be charged via the cigarette lighter socket inside the vehicle*, thus removing the need to lift the bonnet to charge the battery. It is also ideal if the battery is awkwardly placed in the vehicle or requires tools to remove a cover over the battery.

* Cigarette lighter socket must be permanent live, i.e. the lighter must work when the ignition is switched off.

CTEK CIGLEAD Specification

Quick and easy to use
Quick fit connector to connect to charger

£ 9.19 inc. VAT

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CTEK Wall Hanger 300 for MXS25, MXT14, M200 and M300

WALL HANGER has been specially designed to allow the larger CTEK chargers to be mounted on wall, ramp posts or hung off vehicle doors. WALL HANGER comprises a plate that can be attached directly to the back of the charger (screws provided) with a hook for safely storing cables. A bracket is provided that can be fixed to a wall or ramp post which the charger can then be hung on for storage or at a work station. The hanger has rubber feet to avoid scratching vehicle paintwork.

£ 34.95 inc. VAT

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