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Reviews of XDT30MF Numax Leisure Battery 12V 115Ah

XDT30MF Numax Leisure Battery 12V 115Ah

XDT30MF Numax Leisure Battery 12V 115Ah

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Customer Reviews

I bough the batttery to replace a possibly 5 year old, unknown capacity battery thay came with my second hand campervan. It is difficult to rate as I am no expert. However, the battery drops about 20 to 30 its Ohm or 12v charge in the cold. The monitor then showed it sitting at between 60 to 70%. Cold = -5°C on a crisp morning. It did then retain the same charge for a long time (24hrs plus running a camper diesel heater, lighting and intermittent water pump). After 24hrs it was still at 60% capacity. I have not tried a longer period yet. I acknowledge this may be associated with the very simple battery capacity monitor installed in my Chassaun 03. It gives a light orientated reading on 15% capacity increments with LED light display. But does not state if that is in ohm/hrs or voltage. Or more probable I can't understand the technical aspects of the monitor manual! The battery holds its12v charge well. Most camper appliances have a low voltage cut off at 10.5v. Nothing has cut off yet. The battery does not take long to charge. When it is connected to the charger on mainatainence mode there are no odours, fumes or heat discharged. I am buying an inexpensive in line volt and ohm meter to help me understand the battery. The battery was delivered promptly and appropriately packaged. The payment on line was simple and efficient. The person I spoke to on the phone prior to purchase was helpful, polite and knowledgable. He gave me a small Armed Forces discount which is posotive. In conclusion, I am confident that I can go out with the family in the camper for a Fri night, all day and night on Sat and Sun day time in cold weather and the battery WILL last that duration without needing a recharge. It was a good buy and I recommend the product. Regards Taff Major Huw Jones ARRC



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