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Odyssey Motorcycle Batteries

Odyssey Batteries are manufactured to the highest possible standards in the USA, France and here in the UK. They are world renowned for producing batteries with exceptional starting power and are the go-to brand when high cranking power is required. The difference between Odyssey and other batteries that produce high power is that the Odyssey batteries also have a very long cycle life. This is because the plates they use to construct their batteries are 99% pure lead which can be made thinner than lead alloy plates. This means they can fit more plates inside the battery, giving more power.

Advantages of Odyssey Batteries

  • Reliability - They can give up to 10 years of service life
  • Recharging - Odyssey Batteries can be charged very quickly, 100% recharged in 4-6 hours
  • Versatile - Their non-spillable design allows them to mounted on any side, apart from upside down.
  • Safety - They have very high vibration resistance and are extremely tolerable to high temperatures. They also cannot be spilled or release gases.

Powersports applications such as motorcyles require a powerful battery with high vibration resistance, making Odyssey the perfect choice.

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