What Battery Do I Need?

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Electric Fence Batteries

BZZZZZZZ.... Electrify your fence with one of our electric fence batteries!

Electric fence batteries are great way to power your electric fence: Rechargeable, portable and POWERFUL.

An electric fence is a great way to protect your animals from predators. An electric fence is also a great way to stop your prized animals from escaping.

Electric fence batteries provide a powerful shock to whomever or whatever comes close enough! The bigger the battery the more severe the electric shock. Larger batteries will also last longer between charging.

Electric fence batteries should be looked after and monitored on a regular basis. If the battery is left to go flat in the field, all sorts of pandemonium could ensue. And "Sly Mr Fox" will have a very satisfying supper!

Electric Fences use leisure batteries to power them. We recommend using a battery box to keep your battery dry and away from the elements.

Electric Fence Batteries

Our Customers Have Previously Fitted these Electric Fence Batteries

Previous Customer's ModelBattery
used on a eletric fence with solar pannels to top it up063
used for electric fence063
electric fence energizer for horses field native breed 10km063
Electric fence063
n/a n/a n/a purchased to operate an electric fence063