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Mobility Scooter Batteries

Mobility Scooter Batteries

We can provide high quality Yuasa, Yucel, Sonnenschein, Numax and MK Batteries for many makes of Mobility Scooter such as 1st By Design, Aldersley, Autochair, Battericar, Beamer, Cadmus International, Remploy, Rainbow, R J Mobility, Freerider, Invacare, Mangar, Pride Mobility Scooters, Shoprider, Sterling, Sunrise and many more.

Each of the batteries has its advantages, depending on what you are looking for from the battery. The differing cost between the battery manufacturers typically dictates the quality you can expect.

Mobility Scooter Batteries

Yuasa Mobility Scooter Batteries

For ultimate quality, you can choose Yuasa batteries. Yuasa are probably the most famous brand of mobility battery, and every battery passed to us from Yuasa is of the highest quality.

Numax Mobility Scooter Batteries

Mobility Scooter

If cost is your main concern then the Numax Mobility Scooter Batteries are ideal for you. They are a cheaper alternative to Yuasa, but just as reliable with a high quality construction.

MK Gel/Sealed Lead-acid Batteries

MK Battery are an American based manufacturer of sealed lead acid batteries and battery chargers. Continually developing new products this company is amazingly innovative. Their batteries are of high quality and their warranty is second to none.

Sonnenschein Gel Batteries

Sonnenschien Mobility Scooter Batteries have a 7 year design life, so you can expect seven years' life from them if you look after them.

Our Customers Have Previously Fitted these Mobility Scooter Batteries

Previous Customer's ModelBattery
mobility scooter063
mobility scooter rio 412Ah
mobility scooter pride34Ah
mobility scooter monte carlow 434Ah
Tianjiu Electric road scooter (not mobility scooter)34Ah
Shoprider Mobility Scooter Deluxe34Ah
pride mobility scooter not sure - a red one34Ah
wheeltech mobility scooter m44434Ah
mobility scooter not known34Ah
Sterling mobility scooter Diamond42Ah
Kensington mobility scooter Freerider42Ah
Mobility scooterYTX4L-BS
Mobility scooterYTX12-BS
Mobility Scooter10Ah