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CTEK Off Grid Battery to Battery Charging System

CTEK Off Grid Battery to Battery Charging System

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Really happy with the service from Tanya, the staff are really friendly and helpful. Unfortunately not used the product yet but turned up very quickly and well packed.



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Quality product at a competitive price. It will be used to solve my power requirements off grid on my boat. I did lots of research before deciding on the CTEK system. I am looking forward to using the product. I have called customer service once and they were very helpful in explaining how to resolve my odd installation problem. Brian



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This CTEK Charging System includes:-

CTEK D250SE 20A DC/DC Battery Charger

The CTEK D250SE is the successor to the D250SA and is designed to take power from smart alternators and other DC sources. The dual input allows it draw power from solar and wind sources as well.

The D250SE can charge lead acid batteries up to 300Ah as well as AGM, EFB, Gel, Ca/Ca, Lithium and more. It can supply these batteries with up to 20A of power to charge and maintain them.


  • Fast charging from the alternator

  • Automatic energy management

  • Selectable mode for AGM batteries

  • Solar Panel regulator with Maximum Power Point Technology (MPPT)

  • Environmentally friendly charging with wind or solar
  • CTEK Smartpass 120

    Available to work in tandem with the CTEK D250SA Dual 20A Charger for the ultimate 140A power management charger.

    SmartPass is a total energy regulator for energy production, usage and storage in any 12V DC system.

    SmartPass allows energy produced from solar, wind, AC chargers and alternators to be synchronised to maximise output and minimise charge time.

    The energy is then able to be distributed to different battery banks and/or equipment such as lights and navigational systems that need additional energy supply, while ensuring the battery remains fully charged.

    Smartpass makes sure that all of your applications have the power they need, when they need it.

  • Handles inputs of up to 120A and battery capacity of 28 - 800Ah

  • Works with all types of 12V lead batteries including Wet, AGM, Gel, EFB and more

  • Over Current protection handles up to 350A for 10 seconds

  • Temperature sensor

  • IP 65 rated - splash and dust proof

    CTEK Battery Sense

    Battery Sense makes it possible to show you the state of charge of all your batteries in real time.

    Battery Sense provides valuable knowledge about your batteries in a simple, user-friendly and transparent way. Knowledge of your batteries’ charge level makes it easy to monitor their health status and thus maximise your battery performance and service life. Knowledge that will allow you to avoid costly battery replacements and annoying vehicle breakdowns. Battery knowledge presented directly in your pocket.

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