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Armor All Bug Wipes x30

Armor All Glass Wipes are ideal for all exterior car surfaces and are great for spot cleaning.

They easily wipe away road film, grime and insects and can even remove tough stains.

The smart seal on the container also keeps the moisture in the wipes for longer.

£ 3.99 inc. VAT

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Armor All Glass Wipes x30

Armor All Glass Wipes are ideal for both the interior and exterior of windscreens and windows. They easily wipe away road film, grime and all other dirt. One wipe can clean an entire windscreen and will leave a completely streak free finish. They are ammonia-free so are safe to use on tinted windows too.

£ 3.99 inc. VAT

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RainX Anti-Fog 200ml

RainX anti fog eliminates interior condensation in both vehicles and homes.

Developed originally for cars, RainX Anti-Fog is applied directly to the glass. Once applied, condensation will be less likely to build on the glass giving you an unhindered view of the road.

Because of the product's success, many people now use Anti-Fog on bathroom mirrors too!

£ 5.49 inc. VAT

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SilverBack SBX1 Xtreme Clean Multi Purpose Cleaner 1 Litre

SBX1 Xtreme Clean is a completely bio-degradable and multi purpose cleaner that uses florotech gel which is thicker than conventional cleaners. This helps it remove dirt & grime for all sorts of surfaces.

It can be used on metals, rubbers, carbon fibre, and plastics.

£ 4.99 inc. VAT

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2x Turtle Wax Hybrid Wash & Wax Waterless Cleaning 750ml

Turtle Wax Hybrid Wash & Wax is a waterless cleaner that washes and waxes the exterior using next generation hybrid polymer technology.

This allows for a completely scratch-free clean and the formula also causes rain to roll off, keeping the car shiny. It leaves a protective finish, guarding against dirt & grime.

£ 9.99 inc. VAT

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