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Armor All Wheel Foam 500ML

Armor All Wheel Foam is extremely easy to use and is very effective at removing dirt, grime, brake dust, tar and grease from wheels.

It is strong enough to remove tough, ground-in dirt and is able to clean the hard to reach parts of the wheel.

£ 6.49 inc. VAT

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CarPlan Demon Shine - Spray on Shine 1 Litre

CarPlan Demon Shine Spray on Shine is a gloss shine treatment that can be applied immediately after the car has been washed.

It leaves a great shine with minimal effort, no scrubbing or polishing is required. The spray can be used on paintwork, bumpers and wheels.

£ 4.99 inc. VAT

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Farécla G3 Professional Scratch Remover 500ML

Farécla Professional scratch remover is designed to completely eliminate light scratches on all types car paint. For deeper scratches, this will significantly decrease the effect and visibility.

It is easy to apply and is ideal for using over larger areas of the car.

£ 7.99 inc. VAT

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Power Maxed Non-Acidic Alloy Wheel Cleaner 1L

Power Maxed Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner is designed for regular use to remove heavy dirt and grime.

It is suitable for all wheel materials and leaves an incredible clean without the use of acidic properties that can cause damage to wheels.

£ 5.49 inc. VAT

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RainX Anti-Fog 200ml

RainX anti fog eliminates interior condensation in both vehicles and homes.

Developed originally for cars, RainX Anti-Fog is applied directly to the glass. Once applied, condensation will be less likely to build on the glass giving you an unhindered view of the road.

Because of the product's success, many people now use Anti-Fog on bathroom mirrors too!

£ 5.49 inc. VAT

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RainX Plastic Water Repellent 200ml

Rain-X Plastic Water Repellent uses Water Beading Technology to add a coating to visors and goggles that causes rain to bead up and roll away.

This product is very easy to use and works perfectly on Motorcycle helmets and windscreens, goggles and boat windscreens.

£ 5.89 inc. VAT

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