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YTZ7S Shido Lithium Motorcycle Battery LiFePO4 LTZ7S

YTZ7S Shido Lithium Motorcycle Battery LiFePO4 LTZ7S

No Longer Available

This item is no longer available from the manufacturer.

Our recommended replacement is the YTZ7S Exide Li-Ion Lithium Motorbike Battery 12V ELTZ7S.


Technical Specification

Customer Rating Customer Rating
4.4 From 8 Reviews
TerminalsPositive Front RightBolt Through
Voltage12 Volts
Capacity (C10)2.4 Ah
CCA150 A
Length113 mm
Width69 mm
Height inc. terms105 mm
Guarantee1 Year
Barcode (EAN)5414837136101

View AllLatest Customer Reviews

A must buy for every performance-conscious biker. 1.7kg weight saving over standard OEM battery. Great product.



Star Rating

Fitted To: Suzuki GSX-S125 125 2018

Worked perfectly. Great advice too.



Star Rating

Fitted To: Honda Varadero 125 05

Works very well with my KTM EXC-F 250 (280). Started after spending hours outside in minus 8-10 celcius.



Star Rating

Fitted To: KTM EXC-F 250 (big bore kit 280) 2008

A much smaller and lighter replacement battery. Never fitted as more capacity was required rather than a lighter battery. The battery is much smaller and needs to be packed out to fit.



Star Rating

My bike is tricky to start but does start easily with my Lithium jump start pack. I thought a Lithium battery with a high CCA would be the solution but even though this battery claims a 150 CCA that statement is not supported by the facts. Its benefits in weight and space reduction are indisputable but its power output does not impress.



Star Rating

Fitted To: Yamaha WR450f 450cc 2012


Shido Lithium Ion Batteries

SHIDO LION Batteries have outstanding cranking capacity which is up to 50% higher than lead-acid batteries. They are also significantly lighter than lead-acid, usually between 1/3 to 1/5 of the weight.

They are extremely practical thanks to a low self-discharge, no sulfating, superior cycle life and super fast recharge.

No maintenance is required as they are completely sealed, leakproof and waterproof making them very safe too.

Their lightness and practicality makes them ideal for racing where every gram counts.

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