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US5L US Powersports AGM Bike Battery 12V

US5L US Powersports AGM Bike Battery 12V

No Longer Available

This item is no longer available from the manufacturer.

Our recommended replacement is below. ENTX5L-BS Enduroline Advanced Motorcycle Battery 12V 5Ah
ENTX5L-BS Enduroline Advanced Motorcycle Battery 12V 5Ah


Technical Specification

TerminalsPositive Front RightBike Box Terminal
BrandUS Powersports
Voltage12 Volts
Capacity (C20)4 Ah
CCA (EN)50 A
Length113 mm
Width70 mm
Height inc. terms105 mm
Guarantee1 Year
Barcode (EAN)6947312406578


US5L US Powersports Motorcycle AGM Battery

US Powersports Batteries are high quality sealed batteries that are ideal for Motorcycles, ATVs, Watercraft and Snowmobiles. US Powersports batteries are AGM technology (Absorbent Glass Mat) with excellent cold cranking power. Perfect for vehicles that require more power, such as, on board electronics and V-twins. Exceptionally more power than that of a WET technology battery. AGM technology benefits from being maintenance free and non-spillable.


• Maintenance free

• Exceptional cold cranking power

• Ideal for Motorcycle, ATV, Watercraft and Snowmobiles

• Non-spill case design

• AGM technology

• Vibration resist design

• Factory sealed and ready to use (Top up charge before use is always recommended)

1 years Warranty

*Always cross reference dimensions and specifications to your existing battery or application before ordering.

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