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*Excludes Forklift, Off Grid and Trojan Batteries.

8 PZS 720L 12V 8.64KW Off Grid Battery 8PZS720L

8 PZS 720L 12V 8.64KW Off Grid Battery 8PZS720L

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Technical Specification

BrandFLT Batteries
Voltage12 Volts
Capacity (C20)720 Ah
Capacity (C100)744 Ah
Capacity (C120)863 Ah
Capacity (C240)1102 Ah
Power Content8640 Watts
Number of 2V Cells6
Cell Length155 mm
Cell Width198 mm
Cell Height500 mm
Guarantee2 Years


12V Off Grid Traction Battery

This battery contains 6 2volt traction cells.

2 Volt traction cells are perfect for off grid setups including solar and renewable installations thanks to their low self discharge and very deep cycling.

They are guaranteed a longer life and higher capacity than conventional flat plate batteries thanks to their composition of positive tubular plates and negative grid plates.

They are also resistant to vibrations, have a lower battery temperature and consume 75 % less water and 15% less energy.

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