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Bosch Truck Batteries

Bosch Truck batteries are designed to provide reliable power at all times. They have outstanding build quality and come in the following 4 ranges:-

  • Bosch TE: The Bosch TE range has EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology inside. This increases the deep cycle resistance, especially in demanding conditions. Features of this range include an integrated flame arrestor, very long service life and very low water consumption.
  • Bosch T5: Bosch T5 batteries are designed for applications that require lots of power and are discharged frequently. They are extremely heavy duty and completely maintenance free. Bosch T5 batteries are ideal for luxury coaches, fire trucks, lifting platforms and city buses.
  • Bosch T4: Bosch T4 batteries are capable of frequent discharge and providing a power supply for on onboard applications including suspension systems, air conditioning and TV. They contain a silver alloy that helps protect against corrosion and also allows the battery to be charged considerably faster.
  • Bosch T3: Bosch T3 are maintenance free hybrid commercial batteries with high starting power, a long shelf life and are extremely resistant to vibrations. They come in many different sizes making them ideal for a large number of trucks.
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