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Taxi Batteries

Taxi Batteries

Taxi batteries are extremely hard working, just like their drivers! A taxi battery must be able to be used all day, everyday. The demands of carrying passengers from place to place, day in day out, take their toll on the taxi cab and the taxi battery. A good taxi battery will start the taxi engine many times during a shift, if required. The constant drain and constant charging of the cab battery, puts high strain on the taxi's battery.

Most taxis have diesel engines. A good, high powered taxi battery is the best choice here. The best way to make sure you choose the correct replacement taxi battery is to check all details on the existing battery. There will be details like taxi battery capacity and starting amps. It is also essential to check the physical size of the taxi battery, remember that the heights listed on our website include the taxi battery terminals.

70Ah Taxi Battery 90-100AH Taxi Battery 110Ah Taxi Battery

We supply all taxi batteries available. These include the following taxi batteries:

  • London Taxi Company Batteries
  • LTI Taxi Batteries
  • Hackney Cab Batteries
  • Peugeot Taxi Batteries
  • Citroen Taxi Batteries
  • Fiat Taxi Batteries
  • Black Cab Batteries
  • Eurocab Taxi Batteries
  • Eurotaxi Taxi Batteries
  • MPV Taxi Batteries
  • London Taxi Batteries

Black Cab Batteries

Black cabs, often made by LTI use both car batteries and commercial batteries to power them.

Our Customers Have Previously Fitted these taxi Batteries

Previous Customer's ModelBattery
Carbody Tx4 taxi 2.5 Diesel 57 regd017
London taxi Tx4 2.5 Diesel 09017
Lti London taxi 2.4 Diesel 56017
London Taxi TX4 2.5 Diesel SF57KKx017
LTI Taxi TX4 2500cc Diesel 2006019
Taxi Diesel 07019
Taxi Tx4 2.7 Diesel 07019
LTI London Black Taxi TX4 2.5 Diesel 2009019
Taxi Tx4 2.5 Diesel 2013019
. Mercedes Vito taxi Diesel 16019
Lti Tx2 black taxi 2400 Diesel 2003067
Taxi Tx4 2.5 Diesel 10072
Taxi Tx2 2.4 Diesel 2006096
Taxi Tx2 2.5 Diesel 55 plate096
Peugeot Expert e7 taxi 2l Diesel SD58VRT096
Lti taxi TX11 Diesel 05096
taxi tx2 Diesel 2006096
taxi tx2 tx2 2400 Diesel 2004096
London Taxi Tx2 2.4 Diesel 2004096
LTI Tx2 taxi 2.5 Diesel 03096
London Taxi Tx2 2.4 Diesel 2004096
Taxi Tx2 2.2 Diesel 06096
London Taxi TX2 2400cc Diesel 2005096
LTI TX2 taxi 2400 Diesel 04096
London taxi cab Tx4 2.5 Diesel 2010096
London taxi Tx4 2.3 Diesel 2007096
London taxi Txll 2.4 Diesel 55096
peugeot expert e7 taxi 1997 cc Diesel 03096
London taxi Tx4 2500 Diesel 2007096
austin taxi 2200 Petrol 1953096R
London Taxis International TX1 Nissan 2.7 litre, 4 cylinder Diesel 1999249
London taxi Carboddies 2-7 Diesel 1995250
Hyundai Galloper 2.5 taxi 1999250
Taxi TX2 2.800 Diesel 2001250
Taxi TX1 2700 Diesel 2001663
London Taxis International TX4 2499 Diesel 2007019 AGM
Taxi Tx4 2.5 Diesel 07019 AGM
London Taxi TX4 Gold 2.7L Diesel 2007019 AGM
Mercedes Vito Taxi 2.1 Diesel S24FOX019 AGM
LTI TX2 Taxi 2402 Diesel 2003096 AGM
London taxi Tx2 2.7 03096 AGM
Austin FX4D Taxi 2.52 block with 2.2 cyl. head Diesel 1963020
taxi tx2 2400cc Diesel 06100