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US AGM L16 Deep Cycle Monobloc Traction Battery 6V 414Ah AGM16

US AGM L16 Deep Cycle Monobloc Traction Battery 6V 414Ah AGM16

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Technical Specification

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TerminalsOne terminal Front, One Terminal Back on DiagonalDual Terminal
BrandUS Battery
Product CodeUS AGM L16
Voltage6 Volts
Capacity (C5)360 Ah
Capacity (C10)394 Ah
Capacity (C20)414 Ah
Capacity (C100)445 Ah
Length295 mm
Width178 mm
Height inc. terms423 mm
Weight57 Kg
BCI Group903
Guarantee1 Year

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US AGM L16 U.S.Battery - 6V Deep Cycle Sealed AGM Battery

U.S.Battery is one of the industry leaders in manufacturing quality deep cycle batteries. The battery giant can date back its history to 1926! Starting out as a small manufacturing operation in San Diego, California and growing to the global company that you see today. Through innovation and technology U.S.Battery products are the go-to energy storage batteries for a variety of applications including: scissor lifts, sweeper/scrubbers, golf carts, boats, RVs, renewable energy, and many other industries that require the constant energy delivered by quality deep-cycle batteries. The brand has a massive battery range that covers many many applications with their 2-48 Volt options with the up-to-date technology of standard flooded, AGM and the Essential Lithium range.

U.S.Battery AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

U.S. Battery’s AGM batteries are engineered to deliver reliable deep cycling performance. The Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) eliminates the possibility of spills and minimises the need for maintenance. In addition to designed-in vibration resistance and maintenance-free valve-regulated operation, U.S. Battery’s new AGM design improves reliability and overall performance and delivers longer cycle life. The sealed Maintenance-Free line is engineered to deliver a deep cycle cost effective alternative to Lithium batteries.

AGM Technology Features

High Density

Positive active material designed to maintain structure during deep cycling.

Heavy Duty

Alloy grids resist corrosion.

Specially Engineered

Glass mat separators limit acid stratification and inhibit internal shorts.

Carbon Enhanced

Negative active material to improve charge acceptance and cycling performance.

Low Self-Discharge Rates

Allowing the batteries to be stored for longer periods of time without the need to regularly boost charge.

Battery Features

• BCI Group Size - 903

• Sturdy rope handles

• Maintenance Free

• Minutes of Discharge @ 75 Amps: 275

• Minutes of Discharge @ 56 Amps: 390

• Minutes of Discharge @ 25 Amps: 984

• DT - Dual Terminal. Threaded Post and SAE Automotive

*Always cross reference dimensions and specifications to your existing battery or application before ordering.

*Please refer to the Data Sheet for more battery technical specifications

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