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Enduroline Advanced Motorcycle Batteries

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WD40 Original Multi-Use Product 5L

WD-40 Original Multi Purpose Lubricant

The world renown WD-40 Lubricant is the original multi-purpose lubricant. Based in America, WD-40 has been and still is hugely successful and has been for well over 60 years with its distinctive blue and yellow logo. WD-40 boasts that their products are found 1 in 4 homes and businesses through-out the world! WD-40 amazingly has thousands of uses but primarily is famous for removing grease, displacing water and humidity, protection against rust and protection against the elements! The original WD-40 is ideal for using on seized components such as nuts, bolts, hinges, bearings and so much more!

Features and Benefits
• Silicone, PFTE and resin-free
• Penetrates, displaces moisture and lubricates
• Protects metal surfaces, preventing corrosion and shielding against rust
• Ideal for lubricating wheels, hinges, chains, pulleys, rollers and gears
• Can be used for battery terminals, spark plugs, alloys, exhausts and engines

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