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Quad Bike Batteries and ATV Batteries

Quad bikes and All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) are popular, versatile and extremely capable machines. They are mainly used for agricultural and poor terrain work in the UK. They can also be used for recreation and provide endless hours of white knuckle off-roading.

The demanding terrain quad bikes cover, places heavy loads and stresses on the vehicle. The same can be said for the quad bike battery which is expected to start the engine in the cold, wind and rain. This requires a heavy duty battery with a high power rating and capacity.

We have put together a quad bike battery fitment guide, which may assist you in finding the correct battery for your quad. The most accurate method of finding the correct battery is to take the code from the existing battery and look for it in our motorcycle batteries section. This is because quads use motorcycle batteries.

Quad Bike Battery Finder

Our Customers Have Previously Fitted these Quad Bike Batteries

Previous Customer's ModelBattery
Quadzilla CUV 500 500cc dohc single cylinder Petrol 2011063
Alfa Romeo GT Quadrifoglio Verde 1910 Diesel 2009027
Arctic Cat Quad bike 700cc diesel 700cc Diesel 2013085
suzuki quad bike Diesel015
ATV quad for childeren 36V (3 batteries) ?12Ah
Electric quad 36v12Ah
suzuki king quad L700xx34Ah
Quad bikeYB9-B
quad bashan 200cc 2008YB9-B
A Quad Honda 250 cc 2012YB9-B
Used on quad bike of unknown make.YB9-B
quad bike jinling 250 ccYB9-B
pentora atv quad 150 2016YB4L-B
Kazuma Quad Meerkat 50cc 2010YB14L-A2
kawasaki 220 bayou quadYB14L-A2
Quadzilla atv Cuv 500 500cc 0953030
nasty chinese quad bikeYB12A-A
Yamaha Breeze Quad bike 125ccYB12A-A
Childs Quad 50 ccYB12A-A
Suzuki King Quad 350cc 199851913
kawasaki bayou quad 300cc 1989YB16CL-B
kawasaki quad bikrYB16CL-B
honda quad 400ccYB16CL-B
loncin quad bike 50cc 2004YTX4L-BS
Lawnflite Lazer 100 Quad Bike 100cc 2003YTX4L-BS
honda quad 70ccYTX4L-BS
quad quad 50cc 2008YTX4L-BS
Quadbike Junior 110cc 2010YTX4L-BS
Apache Quad bike 100 cc 2006YTX4L-BS
Quad bike buzzYTX4L-BS
Chinese made Quad BikeYTX4L-BS
Quad Chinese 50cc 2013YTX4L-BS
Chinese Kids Quad 90cc 2008YTX4L-BS
quad bikeYTX4L-BS
it is on a kids quad bike 50ccYTX4L-BS
Quadzilla buzz 50cc Buzz 50cc 2015YTX4L-BS
quad banchieYTX4L-BS
Chinese Quad 2 stroke quad 50cc 2014YTX4L-BS
Quadzilla Ram 100 r 100 cc Not sureYTX4L-BS
Quad 70ccYTX4L-BS
quad bike 80 ccYTX4L-BS
Chid's quads Anonymous Chinese 75cc 2009YTX4L-BS
aeon cobra 100 cc quadYTX4L-BS
yamaha breeze quad 125YB7L-B
Yamaha Grizzly Quad Bike about 2002 500YTX20L-BS
yamaha quad 450 13YTX20L-BS
Quadzilla 500ES 4x4 two seat 500cc CNYTX20L-BS
quadzilla 4x4 atv 500 2009YTX20L-BS
Quad Quadrille 500 ES 500 cc 2012YTX20L-BS
Yamaha Quad Bike Grizzly 660 52 plateYTX20L-BS
Yamaha Quad 450 2007YTX20L-BS
Quadzilla ES 500 4x4 500cc65 61YTX20L-BS
quadzilla 500es lwb 500 2013YTX20L-BS
quad hytrack hy 700 700cm3YTX20L-BS
Canam Quad Outlander 500cc 2009YTX20L-BS
honda quad rincon 650YTX20-BS
Suzuki King quad 450cc 08YTX20-BS
Kawasaki 300 Quad-Bike. Bayou 300 Off-road machine and not known.YB16L-B
Quad Bike 100 2001YTX7L-BS
Quad bike VENOM-21JLA 250CC 2012YTX7L-BS
Apache Quad Bike 250cc 2006YTX9-BS
Quadzilla Stinger 300 2006YTX9-BS
Honda quad ? ?YTX9-BS
Bash an quad Yb6 200YTX9-BS
kazuma quad 125YTX9-BS
Quadzilla Stinger 250 06YTX9-BS
quadzilla smc 250 250 2005YTX9-BS
Honda Quad Trx250 250YTX9-BS
Honda trx quad 250cc 09YTX9-BS
250cc SMS quad 250 2008YTX9-BS
quadzilla cvt 320YTX9-BS
Banshan quad 150ccYTX9-BS
Quadzilla 300 Stinger xcl 300 07YTX9-BS
honda quad trx big red 300cc 1996YTX9-BS
Honda Quad bike 250 1998YTX9-BS
Quadzilla Stinger 250e 2005YTX9-BS
Quadzilla 250e 250 2004YTX9-BS
Quadzilla Adly 300 2005YTX9-BS
Honda Quad ATV 250 N/AYTX9-BS
smc 250 quadzilla quad 250 234 54YTX9-BS
Quadzilla stinger 250 E 250 2005YTX9-BS
Quadzilla Ram 250 06 I thinkYTX9-BS
Quad Quadzilla 250 2004YTX9-BS
Honda Quad bikeYTX12-BS
Childs Quad BikeYTX12-BS
quad Viper 350 F1 SuperSnake 350 2015YTX12-BS
kymco maxxer 300 Quad 300 2006YTX12-BS
Kawasaki Quad KLF 300 300cc 2001YTX12-BS
Kawasaki Quad KLF 300 300cc 1996YTX12-BS
Kawasaki Quad KLF 300 300cc 1996YTX12-BS
Kymco Maxer quad 300 2007YTX12-BS
Chinese Quad 360ccYTX12-BS
quadzilla shark 100 100cc 2005YTX5L-BS
Chinese Quad BikeYTX5L-BS
suzuki quad 125 1980YTX5L-BS
A small quad bike for the kidsYTX5L-BS
Quads Superbyke 50cc and 100cc No regYTX5L-BS
110cc quad 110ccYTX5L-BS
Quadzilla Kids quad bike 100cc N/AYTX5L-BS
Child's Bigfoot quad 90cc 2012YTX5L-BS
quad 110 cc 2011YTX5L-BS
atv quad 110YTX5L-BS
Bigfoot Quad 110ccYTX5L-BS
chinese quad 50YTX5L-BS
loncin quad 110 2010YTX5L-BS
Quadzilla Ram 100 r 100cc 2002YTX5L-BS
Quad Rs 50 cc 50cc 2006YTX5L-BS
Quad Enfant 50 cc 2014YTX5L-BS
Quad Type atv hammer 110YTX5L-BS
Chinese quad 50cc 2015YTX5L-BS
Quad Bike Condor 125 2015YTX5L-BS
Quad Loncin 50cc 2010YTX5L-BS
quad 250 cc 2010YTX5L-BS
Suzuki 80 Quad 80 2003YTX5L-BS
Suzuki Quad 80 204YTX5L-BS
Smc Quad 100ccYTX5L-BS
Quad Kawasaki 250 1998YB14-B2
Quad BikeYB14-B2
Yamaha Grizzly quad 350 Off roadYB14-B2
Honda Quadbike 750cc 2010YTX14-BS
Honda Quad 250 2007YTX14-BS
Honda Quad 600 2009YTX14-BS
Kawasaki kvf360 quadbike 360cc unknown.YTX14-BS
Honda quad bike 400cc not knownYTX14-BS
Honda Quad 350 Foreman 350 N/AYTX14-BS
quad 450 j666redYTX14-BS
HONDA Forman ex quad 450cc 1999YTX14-BS
honda quad 250 2004YTX14-BS
Honda Quadbike 420 cc 2010YTX14-BS
Honda quad bikeYTX14-BS
Honda QuadYTX14-BS
honda quad big red 450ccYTX14-BS
Honda Foreman Foutrax quad bike 500 2003/4YTX14-BS
honda quadbike 2004YTX14-BS
Honda QuadYTX14-BS
honda quad trx 420 2003YTX14-BS
Honda quad 250YTX14-BS
Honda QuadYTX14-BS
Suzuki Quad Kingquad 400cc 2012YTX14-BS
Honda Foreman Quad 450cc 2001YTX14-BS
Honda 350 Quad 350 2004YTX14-BS
Honda Quad 300YTX14-BS
Honda Quad 420 2010YTX14-BS
Honda Quad 300YTX14-BS
Quadziller Rs6 600 11YTX14-BS
Honda quad 400YTX14-BS
Honda Quad 350cc UnknownYTX14-BS
Honda 4 x 4 Quad 500 cc Not registeredYTX14-BS
Yamaha Quad Grizzly 400 425cc 2009YTX14-BS
Honda Quad bike foreman 400 400 1999 approx.YTX14-BS
Honda Quad 350cc 2008YTX14-BS
Yamaha Quad 350 ccYB18L-A2
quad kids 50cc 2008YTX7A-BS
Kazuma Quad 50cc 2005YTX7A-BS
Quad bike 150YTX7A-BS
Kazuma Child Quad 49cc -YTX7A-BS
Kazuma Quad 110 cc 2002YTX7A-BS
quad ram 170 06YTX7A-BS
atv quad 90cc 2007YTX7A-BS
Quadzilla ram 250 250 03YTX7A-BS
Kuzuma Falcon Quad 90ccYTX7A-BS
Kazuma Quad Meerkat 50cc 2010YTX7A-BS
dalesman quadYTX7A-BS
Dinili quadzilla 90cc 2003YTX7A-BS
Kazuma Quad Bike 100cc About 7 years oldYTX7A-BS
Quadzilla Ram 250 250 2006YTX7A-BS
Chinese small quad 70ccYTX7A-BS
honda Quad fm 420 08YTX7A-BS
suzuki king quad 700? 2008?YTX16-BS
honda quadYTX16-BS
Suzuki King Quad 350cc 1990YB10L-B2
ATV Quad Bike Kawasaki 300cc Not registeredYT14B-4
Quadzilla Xlc 500 2015YT12A-BS
Quadzilla XLC500E 500 2016YT12A-BS
Kinroad Quad Bike 150 not sureYTZ10S
Quadzilla 250 05YTZ14S
HONDA Quad 450ccYTZ14S
Honda TRX250 Quad 250 1997YB14A-A2
suzuki king quad 700cc 5 y old1A 12V